The future is now and it was at ComplexCon. As part of their 2017 activation, Intel showcased some of their most innovative technologies in an interactive walkway and virtual reality experience in partnership with Linkin Park.

Intel’s ComplexCon booth (A3) unveiled an immersive, hands-on experience using Intel RealSense technology, which allows a user’s hand and body gestures to trigger the activation. For instance, making a thumbs up gesture with your hand in front of one of the sensors on the McFlyy Wall automatically changes the imagery on the screens to highlight a different piece of art. Artist Esteban Diacono’s wall also featured dancing figures that interacted with his pieces once the gesture control was triggered by someone’s body movement.

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling even further, the installation featured an exclusive Linkin Park activation that allowed fans in attendance the rare opportunity to create a virtual painting of their own while listening to the group’s latest album. As part of the installation, all six members of Linkin Park—including Chester Bennington—had 3D scans of their bodies captured to literally help bring the project to life. The end result is a highly personal experience as fans can interact with their favorite band through this virtual reality experience. 

Band members Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda were in attendance to walk through the experience with fans and share insight on their partnership with Intel. “We’ve been friends with Intel for a few years now and I had the idea of leaving this album behind the [same] way when Superman came to earth what his parents left for him a time capsule,” Hahn explained. “We’re going to have some music video stuff, we’re going to take you through the making of the record, and how some of these moments in the studio turned into the songs basically.”

For those still in the Long Beach area, be sure to hit up the Intel booth (A3) at ComplexCon to experience this activation in real-life before the event ends. In the meantime check out our exclusive tour of the space and interviews with Linkin park and Intel executives above.