Sorry, Prosecco enthusiasts. But I'm about to go all the way in on the vaguely sparkling wine's recent affiliation with pong culture.

Beer pong, the game for people who don't know how to drink and/or unfortunate Tonight Show guests, has apparently been infiltrated with an allegedly classier alternative: Prosecco pong. A Refinery 29 article back in August shined an undeserving light on a Dallas, Texas party store for dropping a Prosecco Pong kit that included 12 plastic cups and pink ping pong balls. The cups, fittingly, are not red and bear absolutely no resemblance to the solo cups often name-dropped in half-assed pop country lyrics.

The game itself remains the same, which begs about a trillion different questions including—but certainly not limited to—WHY?!?!

Justice is coming for this "Prosecco pong" tomfoolery, resulting in articles on its alleged rise in popularity being quoted and mocked appropriately on Twitter.​

Twitter court has spoken, and Prosecco pong has been found guilty of being completely unnecessary. For a truly good time, I recommend spoiled milk pong. It's the new wave.

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