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If you're a student at New Mexico State University and you have both a parking ticket and some extra Peanut Butter lying around, you're in luck. The university has announced that for a limited time students will be able to pay off their “No Current Permit” parking citations with peanut butter.

A post made to the university's website reads, "During Homecoming week, Oct. 23-27, 2017, bring at least 80 oz. of peanut butter to the Parking Dept. at 1400 E. University Ave. and it will be accepted as payment. Multiple jars of peanut butter will be accepted, but the total for payment must be at least 80 oz." 

Why in the world does New Mexico State University Transportation & Parking Services want an extreme amount of peanut butter? Chill, it's for a good cause.

They will be donating the sticky and tasty substance to Aggie Cupboard, a food bank based at the university. The group's Facebook page describes the organization as "a food pantry for the NMSU community that provides free non-perishable food." They continue to say that they "envision a campus community free from hunger and fully able to be successful at NMSU. We desire to see students completely able to pursue academic success free from the worry of hunger."

The University of Alaska Anchorage has been running a similar program called "Ton in Ten" since 2009.