Don't judge a book by its cover. Twitter user @Tiffany1985B admits to learning this valuable lesson after her mother purchased what she thought was a children's book for Tiffany's six-year-old, but turned out to be horribly wrong. The book, titled If Animals Could Talk, features illustrations of a bear, blowfish, and alligator, and seems pretty harmless. However, it is actually yet another "children's book for adults," a trend begun after the runaway success of author Adam Mansbach's 2011 bedtime story riff Go the Fuck to Sleep.

"So my daughter picked this book out for her nightly reading. My mom had gotten it for her a couple weeks ago actually, but she hadn’t cracked it. So I was cleaning the kitchen and she sat down with my husband, Cody, to read it," Tiffany told Mashable via DM. "So he brings it over to me and shows me the page with the chick on it. I immediately called my mom and asked her if she had looked in the book and she said 'no why?' So I started reading her a bunch of pages and she was like 'Oh my God! I got that off the kids table at Barnes & Noble!'"

Here are some other great excerpts posted by Tiffany. 

See, Tiffany learned a valuable lesson—accidents can be a good thing.