Imagine how much Amazon Prime subscription numbers would soar if each order came with 65 pounds of weed, at no additional charge.

That is, sad to say, not the reality in which we currently live. Still, 65 pounds of would-be free weed has shown up in an Amazon order on at least one occasion. Though it's not currently clear whether they employed the many benefits of a Prime subscription, a Florida couple recently received 65 pounds of marijuana in their Amazon order of plastic storage bins.

"[The packages] were extremely heavy, heavier than you would think from ordering four empty bins," the Orlando-area Amazon customer, whose identity has not been revealed for "safety reasons," told WFTV. The woman and her fiancé are longtime Amazon shoppers, presumably having received 65 pounds of free weed only once during their tenure. The weed itself was packaged inside plastic-wrapped containers, then placed inside the 27-gallon storage bins. "When the first officer got here, she was in disbelief," the customer, who sounds like she's afraid of weed, said.

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The total weight of the surprise-laced shipment, which originated from a facility in Massachusetts, was just under 94 pounds. The couple told reporters they didn't sleep at their home for a few days because they feared a break-in. They ultimately spent "more than a month" in communication with Amazon, who eventually hit them up with a $150 gift card. Though no arrests have been made, local police have launched an investigation.

Don't want weed showing up in your pedestrian Amazon orders? Then maybe you should push for full-blown legalization at the federal level. Just an idea. As far as how Florida state law treats marijuana activities, the fine print is unnecessarily complicated. No wonder shit like this is happening.