A high school teacher in Utah was recently placed on leave after passing out a 30-question quiz asking students about their history with drugs and sex that, for whatever reason, was snagged from a 1981 Dear Abby column. The test, which you can read in its entirety at the bottom of this page, then rated the students on a morality scale ranging from "nerd" to "hopeless and condemned." If you're wondering what type of class was issuing the assessment it was "Adult Roles and Financial Literacy." The class is included in the school's graduation requirements.

While frankly it's hard to judge the situation without hearing the teacher's rationale behind issuing the quiz, it generated some outrage from a very frequently quoted mother in a Salt Lake City Tribune story. Additionally, according to school officials, the survey was reportedly given out as part of a lesson on "risky behavior in dating."

The school issued an apology on Monday, saying "[We] want to extend our sincere apology to the students who were asked to complete this questionnaire, as well as their parents and we assure you this survey will not be used in the future."

Additionally, the school district released their own statement. "While the course itself contains instruction in human sexuality to which parents consented, the survey that was distributed to students elicited information about sexually explicit activities and delinquent behavior, and parental consent was not obtained for this particular set of questions, as is required by state and federal law," the statement read. "This matter is being taken very seriously and the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the situation is being investigated."  

Best of luck to that teacher. As for you, you can read the questionnaire below and come to your own conclusions while also keeping track of your own total:

Some of the terminology hasn't aged well.