Tomi Lahren, a bad person with very bad racist and xenophobic views who is also a hypocrite that disparages the Affordable Health Care Act while directly benefiting from its provisions, was beautifully called out in the streets of NYC.

A man asked Tammy, the 25-year-old conservative political commentator, Fox News ​contributor, and the butt of many jokes for what she assumed to be an innocent selfie. An innocent selfie it most certainly was not.

Rather, the man went in on the conservative Tommy for her toxic views. With the video camera rolling on his phone, the man asked, "Hey, Tomi. How does it feel to be a racist piece of shit?" Tangerine Lahren​ then awkwardly slipped away, back into whatever hateful layer of xenophobia she arose from. 

Redditor thatgoodgood69 identified himself as the person who posed for the fake selfie, writing, "Fun to call her out and the silence that ensued after is unforgettable. Hopefully she has to wear a little bigger hat next time walking around NYC."

The man also wrote that he doesn't "call everyone i disagree with a racist but this women is a cancer to our country." 

Check out the clip for yourself up top.