The first time you heard the name Christian Rich, you might have thought it was the name of a hot new designer. In truth, Christian Rich is the nom de musique of brothers Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan, who have quickly climbed the ranks of the music business and are now among the hottest producers in the game. They’re the producing minds behind some of your favorite tracks from the likes of Vince Staples, Childish Gambino, Drake, Earl Sweatshirt, and J. Cole—and they’re just getting started.

What you may not know is that both Hassan brothers used to be New York investment bankers, donning Brooks Brothers suits and wingtips on a daily basis. Since then, their lives have changed a great deal, as has their locale—they both live in LA now—but along the way they gathered a whole lot of wisdom on life from creative, financial and social standpoints.

Now, Christian Rich has teamed up with American Eagle to share some of their insights into life’s three core areas for the young, hungry and stylish. And while some of them might be tough to take than others—like switching off your social media whenever you’re trying to do creative work, or really taking the time to learn how to invest—success doesn’t come to those who are unwilling to put in the work. So take it from Taiwo and Kehinde. After all, they’ve done pretty well for themselves so far.

You can get a look at Christian Rich’s Tips for Surviving Creatively, Financially and Socially in the videos above, presented by American Eagle.