In one of his first interviews since taking office, President Donald Trump confirmed he’d received a “beautiful letter” from his predecessor, the contents of which he refused to disclose to the press. Whether Trump purposely divulged the information or not, Obama’s outgoing message to him is now in the public domain.

CNN, one of the main media outlets Trump has characterized as “fake news,” obtained the letter and shared its contents Sunday (Sept. 3rd).

In his outgoing missive, Barack Obama congratulated the man who spent the better part of eight years offering a bounty for his birth certificate. Obama also opted to offer some reflections instead of advice, noting that the job was “a unique office with no clear blueprint for success” even if he were inclined to impart such advice.

“It’s up to us, through action and example, to sustain the international order that’s expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War, and upon which our wealth and safety depend,” Obama further wrote.

That aforementioned January 26, 2017 interview found Trump calling the letter “well-written, long, complex and thoughtful.”

According to CNN White House Producer Kevin Liptak, Trump was personally touched by the gesture.

“Trump, however, is said to cherish Obama’s missive,” Liptak reported. “Upon reading it on Inauguration Day, he attempted to place a phone call to the former president expressing his gratitude, according to both a current White House official and a former Obama aide. His predecessor was traveling west to California with his family, and couldn't take the call.”

Some eight months after former President Obama’s letter was written, Trump has accused Obama of wiretapping, attempted to institute a travel ban against several predominately Muslim countries, unsuccessfully tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, signed legislature to build a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico, and he appears to be in a face-off with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un that could possibly end in nuclear warfare. His administration has also been plagued by leaks with several prominent cabinet members either resigning or being replaced.

For those keeping track, the 2020 Presidential Election takes place November 3.