The latest piece of anecdotal evidence suggesting humans might be devolving as a species comes courtesy of two pairs of Michigan women whose shopping trip for school supplies reportedly ended in physical violence and the brandishing of a firearm.

According to an official police report filed in Novi, Michigan, two Farmington Hills women were inside a Walmart shopping for school supplies. The pair got into a confrontation with two other women from South Lyon, Michigan over what was believed to be the last notebook on the shelf.

“One girl was going to buy a notebook,” Novi Police Detective Scott Baetens told Fox 2 News. “There was one left, some pushing resulted. They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook.”

It would seem that between the four customers—ages 46, 32, 51 and 20—none involved bothered to ask an employee if there were any additional notebooks available. 

The Fox report’s verbiage that “witnesses described the two women pulling the younger woman's hair” would seem to indicate the women from South Lyon took the brunt of the punishment before the tables turned.

“She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them,” Baetens added. In this case, the “she” would be the 50-year-old mother from South Lyon who has yet to be publicly identified. 

Local authorities are now calling on witnesses to come forward, as they attempt to get surveillance footage from the Walmart to further investigate the case. Prosecutors will reportedly determine the instigator and if the woman was, in fact, pulling her firearm in self-defense.

Should charges be filed, the assailant could be facing a simple 90-day misdemeanor charge or a possible charge of felonious assault with a firearm. Authorities said the woman who pulled the gun did not have a round in the chamber.

A cursory glance at Walmart’s website reveals branded, five-subject bound notebooks retail for about $10.56

“It was a senseless act of violence all the way around,” Baetens added, before revealing he wasn’t sure which woman ended up with the notebook.