If you were working your 9 to 5, or being a great student, you might have missed the news that dropped in the middle of the day about the new iPhone X. PSYCH: of course you've heard about it. This is 2017, after all, and we're nothing without our devices.

The first major iPhone redesign in years, the X will boast tons of new features, including an edge-to-edge Super Retina display, an improved front-facing camera for fire selfies, and real-time, face-powered 3D emojis called Animojis. (If you want more info on the X, the iPhone 8, or any of the other toys Apple rolled out, we got you covered here.) 

Arguably the most exciting new feature is Face ID, which replaced Touch ID as the primary method of unlocking the iPhone X. It's an understandably exciting development: this brings us one step closer to the life the Jetsons were living. But it's a little more exciting—or confounding—for people in relationships built on cheating and suspicion. It didn't take long at all for people on both sides of the equation to weigh in once the new Face ID feature was revealed: 

How you gotta sleep next to your girl after you cop the new #iPhoneX pic.twitter.com/SVZKVsmm9u

— Tukach Shakur 🇳🇬 (@its_kachi) September 12, 2017

Men who Cheat when they see the features of the Iphone X pic.twitter.com/AYU5tCZuIS

— OpyBaby👸🏽 (@PiimyToriah) September 12, 2017

her: Bae, ya face scan don't work.
me: pic.twitter.com/XFaAtxVFTB

— TheWakeUpJulius (@FunnyJulius) September 12, 2017

me after i sliced my mans face off so i can unlock his iphone x pic.twitter.com/84KUmLBjWB

— wendy wu (@_YerikaC) September 12, 2017

iPhone X uses Face ID to open your phone? Cheating spouses gonna sleep like pic.twitter.com/PUo2phrsA3

— Carly (@nuclearcarly) September 12, 2017

Fellas the cheat on your girl, don't grab the iPhone X, she'll put your phone up to your face and unlock it while you're sleep pic.twitter.com/0uQeEUA423

— Neon Guts (@BNKGSH) September 12, 2017

Imagine cheating on your partner and they unlock your iPhone X with Face ID while sleeping.. 😴📲😈... 😂 #AppleEvent

— SkɨɨLz (@SkiiLzFX) September 12, 2017

But not so fast, detectives: it won't be that easy to unlock your significant other's device. According to the Apple website, "Face ID is attention aware, meaning it unlocks your iPhone X only when you look toward the device with your eyes open."