A New York-based coffee company called Death Wish Coffee is having their nitro cold brew cans recalled due to concerns that the coffee is, well, maybe a little too true to their name. 

In a statement released, the company wrote, "After several rounds of successful testing, a process specialist has recommended that we add an additional step to our nitro cold brew production process. Based on these recommendations we've decided to recall all Death Wish Nitro cans. If you have them, please dispose of them." 

The company has noted that no one has been hospitalized from consuming the beverage saying that "No illnesses have been reported in connection with this issue. This recall is merely a precautionary step." 

statement posted by the FDA reads: "Death Wish in conjunction with an outside Process Authority has determined that the current process could lead to the growth and production of the deadly toxin, botulin, in low acid foods commercialized in reduced oxygen packaging."

It continues, "Botulism, a potentially fatal form of food poisoning, can cause the following symptoms: general weakness, dizziness, double-vision and trouble with speaking or swallowing. Difficulty in breathing, weakness of other muscles, abdominal distention and constipation may also be common symptoms. People experiencing these problems should seek immediate medical attention."

The company is offering refunds to customers who have purchased the Death Wish Nitro cans​

So yeah, you definitely shouldn't be drinking Death Wish Coffee's Nitro cold brew, at least until they've fixed that botulism problem.