Earlier this week, a Missouri woman named Alexis Newsome took to Facebook to share a horrible story about something that happened to her recently.

According to Newsome, while she was driving home, something flew into her car. She immediately thought it was eggshells, and was so flustered that she almost swerved her vehicle. It wasn't until later that she realized that it was a piece of fried chicken.

"This implies so much negative connotation," Newsome said on Facebook. "Now I have to be upset in front of my child and have to explain why mommy is upset. I don’t want to have to explain this to my 5-year-old. This is not fair. I was scared."

Newsome decided to share this on Facebook, saying "I am asking for people just to listen, just to understand, just to hear me out. I just want you to know what this is like. This is why some people are marching. This is why some people are kneeling. I don’t care if you don’t agree." Of course, "kneeling" is Newsome's referral to the protestsof the national anthem currently going on in the NFL, which many people still don't understand.

Now this brings up a few questions. Assuming this is an accurate depiction of what went on, is some racist asshole driving around with fried chicken, waiting for black people to drive by with their windows down? Was some jerk just eating lunch and, upon seeing Newsome drive by, decided to sacrifice a piece of chicken in the name of racism?

Whatever the case may be, it's fucked up, and reminds me of the issues at Temple University, where the door handles of black students conveniently had bananas placed on them.

Check out Newsome's full video down below.

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