It's generally recommended among people averse to having a horrible time that Walmart, barring some late-night foodmergency, should be avoided whenever possible. Good things don't happen there. The same could arguably be said of, but at least you don't have to walk through two sets of automatic doors and beneath a comically powerful air curtain just to purchase, say, some condoms and a $3 copy of Speed 2: Cruise Control on a mysterious format called "DVD."

And speaking of DVDs, Connecticut appears to be really into them. That's one of many revelations found in a new piece from Business Insider based on data shared by Walmart on Wednesday. After analyzing the shopping patterns of customers nationwide, Walmart determined what they characterize as the "most surprising top-selling items" in each state and tossed the results onto a map.

There's quite a bit to unpack here, including the fact that the underrated four-course meal colloquially known as Lunchables fails to make an appearance. Cake mixes, however, are well-represented in Alabama. Meanwhile, West Virginia is all about the ramen noodles. Canned pumpkin pie has apparently swept Nevada off its feet, with Starburst doing the same for the state of Washington. On the non-food side of things, Texas really loves their wedding invitations and Iowa buys a ton of diapers.

And if looking at a map doesn't interest you, we've compiled a view more notable items in text form here:

  • Louisiana eats a lot of raisins.
  • Arizona consumes a lot of toastable items.
  • South Dakota loves a good loaf of lemon bread.
  • Indiana is obsessed with hand sanitizer.
  • Rhode Island is fond of Jell-O.
  • California is downing Zyrtec.

Check the map below. For a semi-interactive version, click here.

The last time we talked about Walmart, they were apologizing for the presence of an "Own the School year Like a Hero" sign above a gun display.


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