Donald Trump stayed very on brand during his recent trip to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. In addition to avoiding empathy and direct contact with storm victims by any means necessary, Trump also noted how good of a "turnout" he had during an impromptu rally in Corpus Christi. "Thank you, everybody," Trump told the crowd, which reportedly consisted mostly of Trump supporters. "What a crowd. What a turnout."

Earlier that day, Trump damn near congratulated himself. "We won't say congratulations," Trump told Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, according to CNN. "We don't want to do that. We don't want to congratulate. We'll congratulate each other when it's all finished."

All told, Trump spent roughly three hours on the ground and eight in the air Tuesday, according to Politico.

Trump's tweets on Harvey are striking a similarly distanced (and all-too-familiar) tone. Over the weekend, Trump—all in a matter of hours—promoted a forthcoming rally in Missouri, used an exclamation mark when talking about Harvey as a "once in 500 year flood," and again babbled about that goddamn Mexican border wall.

Wednesday, Trump again reminded everyone about his Missouri rally. He also took time out of his day to talk about "dying" magazines.

Rainfall in the Houston area has exceeded 50 inches in five days, marking the largest tropical downpour in U.S. history. For information on how to donate to relief efforts, and other ways to help storm victims, click here.