On Monday, August 21, people across the United States will bear witness to the Great American Eclipse, the first total solar eclipse that visible in the U.S. since February 26, 1979. However, when that day arrives, South Carolina residents may be more preoccupied with trying to get a glimpse of the rare "Lizard Man." That's right, a Lizard Man.

The last time someone laid their eyes on the "Lizard Man" was two years ago when a woman spotted the creature after leaving church. She even took the above video as proof of her incredibly blurry findings. The "Lizard Man" has appeared sporadically since 1988 when The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp legend first started. 

That year, a 17-year-old named Christopher Davis made the discovery in Lee County, South Carolina while changing a tire. "It was about 25 yards away, and I saw red eyes glowing," he said. "I ran into the car and as I locked it, the thing grabbed the door handle." Davis remembers the creature having "three big fingers, long black nails, and green rough skin."

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division recently posted the following tweet where the agency mapped out where the "Lizard Man" has appeared in the past. 

While the SCEMD cannot confidently confirm that there will be a "Lizard Man" sighting this Monday, there's always the possibility, and hear me out, that South Carolina residents have been the victims of an elaborate hoax.