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In a recent Yelp survey that sought to answer one of life's most enduring questions, pizza was selected as the No. 1 go-to meal that single millennials chose after they're done banging. That choice was picked by about three-quarters of the 2,000 people who took the poll, with tacos coming in "a distant second."

According to that same poll, nearly half of people (46 percent) find their one night stand partner "more attractive if they are into certain foods." You might be asking, "Hey, how the hell is that helpful? WTF does 'certain foods' even mean?" The answer is that survey takers would prefer their partners to be into: pizza (59 percent), ice cream (50 percent), pasta (44 percent), and tacos (43 percent). 

If you're wondering what makes you less attractive, responders said chewing with your mouth open (or loudly) is the top way to lose a second date/hook up session. Coming in as the runner-up in that category was "gorging on too much junk food and drinking too much alcohol," though only 1 in 5 who answered these questions said they'd actually rejected a second date due to these food-related offenses.

Finally, only 1 in 3 participants believe it's okay to eat a meal with a one-night stand afterward, with that the added caveat was that it would only be okay if it weren't formal, for example via takeout or delivery.

Delivery? Check. Pizza? Check. Chew with your mouth closed? Check. Frankly, these seem like some pretty easy rules to follow. Do what you will with this info.