D.C. man Justin Schweiger is making headlines left and right for all the wrong reasons. The guy had the balls to schedule six dates on one night with six different girls at the same spot. His plan was to just rotate through the women and come up with excuses to end the date before the next one showed up, but, predictably, his plan failed after just the first girl. Lisette Pylant figured out the lie when Schweiger’s second date showed up and the two girls unraveled this dude’s entire plot. And, of course, they live-tweeted the whole thing in a long-ass thread. 

But it seems this kind of behavior is classic Schweiger. Crisp Kitchen & Bar owner Jamie Hess told the Washingtonian that just a few weeks ago Schweiger was kicked out of her establishment for hitting on too many women and making them feel uncomfortable.

Schweiger claims: “I talk to people and I network. I’m a mover and a fucking shaker,” as if that is some kind of excuse for harassing multiple people. A bartender alerted Hess and she decided to kick Schweiger out of the restaurant. According to her, she told him, “‘Hey, you’ve got to calm down, and I think it’s time for you to get out of here.'” 

So of course Schweiger did the classy thing and left a lousy 10 percent tip and wrote “FUCK OFF FELICIA!” in capital letters across the receipt. Schweiger then found Hess, the owner of the restaurant, and told her, “Just so you know, I know the owner and I’m going to get you fired for this.” 

Justin Schweiger receipt
Image via Washingtonian

When asked about the incident, Schweiger says, “They did not kick me out,” adding “I cannot be kicked out of anywhere in D.C... I loved that restaurant. It was the best fried chicken place. Now, it’s a place where a bunch of shit-heads bartend until they get fired.”

This guy sounds like a trip. However your week is going, I’m willing to bet money you’re doing better than Mr. Schweiger over in D.C.