Being a millennial is fucking exhausting. Not only do we live under the constant stress of being called "a millennial," we're also—according to Professional Old People, anyway—super busy killing off a wide variety of industries whilst incessantly consuming avocado toast.

Though avocado-centered jokes are still a rather narrow field of comedy, this attempted one from Google Ventures partner Ken Norton was apparently inspiring enough for Time to name its punch line as "the viral catchphrase millennials have been looking for."

In a piece published Wednesday, "hold my avocado" was described as "a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience." Considering the fact that Norton's tweet was clearly a mocking variation of "hold my beer," and not the intentional creation of a new catchphrase, avocado holders the world over quickly united on Twitter to hold more avocados and beers and whatnot:

Even Gushers, a noted provider of Very Healthy Food That's Definitely Good for You™, got in on the avocado holding:

For what it's worth, Norton has since apologized for the inadvertent avocado-holding sentiment that started it all:

Quick! Someone hit Photoshop and cobble together an image of a fidget spinner that has avocados on each lobe.