Following a series of disturbing remarks from a birther conspiracy theorist Tuesday, noted Trumpaganda providers Fox News probably expected they'd still be able to just launch right into another one of their laborious televised arguments. Instead, Fox News viewers were treated to something remarkably rare for the network.

Host Abby Huntsman attempted to set the tone for a debate between Democratic political analyst Wendy Osefo and GOP political analyst Gianno Caldwell about confederate monuments, i.e. statues dedicated to awful people. But as soon as the guests started talking, it became clear that no such debate was going to happen.

"This is not talking points here, this is not partisanship, this is human life," Osefo said at the top of the segment, first reported by Mediaite. "As a mother, to hear the president of these United States not sit here and condemn what has happened? As a black woman of two black boys, my heart bleeds."

In classic Fox & Friends fashion, Huntsman then asked for Caldwell's thoughts by echoing Trump's Nazi-sympathizing "blame on both sides" remark. Caldwell wasn't having it. 

"You know, I come today with a very heavy heart," Caldwell said. "Last night I couldn't sleep at all because President Trump, our president, has literally betrayed the conscience of our country, the very moral fabric in which we've made progress when it comes to race relations in America. He's failed us. And it's very unfortunate that our president would say things like he did in that press conference when he says, you know, 'there's good people on the side of the Nazis, they weren't all Nazis, they weren't all white supremacists.' Mr. President, good people don't pal around with Nazis and white supremacists."

Near the end of the segment, Huntsman offered a predictably cold response. "Strong emotions there, and you know, it's a tough debate," she said.