The families of the 22 victims of the May 22 Manchester Arena bombing will receive £250,000, or about $321,000, each from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, The Guardian reports. The money will be given to the next of kin of the deceased. The victims' families have already received £70,000 of the benefit, and are set to receive the remainder in the coming weeks. 

The fund is also financially helping those who were injured in the bombing. People who were hurt in the attack and spent seven or more nights hospitalized—57 people in all—have received £60,000 each from the fund. 96 people who spent from one night to seven days in the hospital following the attack have been given £3,500 each. Sue Murphy, deputy leader of the Manchester City Council and chair of the fund, has said that 9 people still remain in the hospital after sustaining injuries during the horrific bombing. 

The attack, which was carried out by ​ISIS sympathizer Salman Abedi, took place during an Ariana Grande concert. Acting as a suicide bomber, the 22-year-old Abedi detonated an improvised explosive device filled with shrapnel in the arena's foyer. More than 14,000 people were in attendance. 

Shortly after the attack, Ariana Grande returned to the city of Manchester to hold a One Love benefit concert for the victims and their families. The concert featured Pharrell Williams, Usher, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry. In addition to the aforementioned donations, the government's Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme will also be financially assisting the victims of the attack.