You learn something new old every day. Today, I learned that way too many people on this decaying planet don't actually know how to maneuver their way through their phones' settings for optimal music enjoyment. 

A tweet from @thebaemarcus over the weekend helped tune the laggers in on the versatile listening options found just a few clicks away. Specifically, this tweet has provided an apparently needed bridge between (some) iPhone users and equalization.

If screenshot learning isn't your preferred method of education, here's a handy text-only guide to help you really crack the code of equalization:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Music.
  • Click EQ, then make your selection. 

As @thebaemarcus notes, the Late Night EQ setting is a fine selection for volume. Similarly, the Loudness setting is also optimal for achieving... loudness, yes. The Loudness setting is perfect for loudness.

You can also choose from additional frequency adjustment settings including Bass Booster, Hip Hop, Latin, Flat, and something seemingly wasteful called "Bass Reducer." Enjoy responsibly.


Having a firm grasp of EQ, in general, can greatly improve your listening (and recording) experience on any given device. Aside from the simpler benefits of increased volume and genre-specific tweaking, a solid EQ adjustment can even help improve the tolerability of poorly recorded tracks. Sadly, not even the most advanced EQ work can turn a truly awful song into a good one. That leap will require your own imagination.

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