You know how we’ve all collectively decided to forget that moment in time when it was "trendy" to dress up like a clown and petrify people in public? It got so bad that people were out here getting pistol-whipped and stabbed for trying to join in on the "fun." Target even made the decision to stop selling clown masks.

Well, here’s something else we’ll all have to collectively forget next year: this creepy-ass doll riding the subway. 

The disturbing doll, with her demonic face and silly pigtails, looks like something right out of the uncanny valley, but she's currently possessing a subway car in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the New York Post, the photo was shared via ​the train operator's Facebook page, RapidKL, with what can only be described as a traumatic caption: “Dear valued customers, lately we’ve been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle. Mind your manners while you’re on our trains or….she will haunt you FOREVER.” The hashtags #AnnabelleIsNear, #CitizenWithMannersWanted, and #ForABetterFuture were included in the post. 

There’s a logical reason behind the the entire stunt, but it’s hard to determine whether it makes the situation better or worse. The doll is part of a promotional campaign for Annabelle: Creation, a new horror movie set to be released on Aug. 11. The movie is a prequel to Annabelle, released in 2014, and the fourth film in The Conjuring series. 

But RapidKL is actively trying to keep the joke going. “We hope that the public’s social etiquette will be improved, not only when using the public transportation but also when they use any public facilities,” a RapidKL spokesman told a Malaysian newspaper.

Let’s just be thankful this kind of PR hasn’t made its way out of Malaysia yet. But let's be honest: if this doll turned up in a New York City subway, it still wouldn’t be the weirdest thing that ever happened on a train. That prestigious honor goes to the woman who unleashed crickets and worms on the D train, and then urinated