This year's iPhone 8 is one of the most hyped smartphone releases ever. Recent leaks concerning the phone have only helped the excitement grow stronger and stronger as everyone tries to predict how Apple will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone.

YouTuber Danny Winget claims he got his hands on the final prototypes for the highly anticipated iPhone 8, and he showed them off to the world this week. In the video above, you can see the three prototypes he has in his possession. Two of them appear to be black and white—which is what you've come to expect from the iPhone at this point—but it appears as though there's a new color in the mix. Winget refers to it as "copper gold," and the fact that it exists seems to suggest that the iPhone 8 won't be available in the coveted rose gold color that so many iPhone users have gone after recently.

The copper gold phone has white detailing around the border of the curved screen, which Winget says "look hideous" in person. The sides of the phone are also a shiny gold, but the back of the phone is a darker copper color, and it's getting mixed reactions from those who have watched the video.

Of course, these iPhone 8 prototyopes—if they are, in fact, iPhone 8 prototypes—are only mockups. So we wouldn't get too worked up over them just yet. Until Apple provides official confirmation of the iPhone 8 colors—which, let's face it, we'll only get once the iPhone 8 is ready to be released—these might as well be rectangular pieces of plastic that star in their own YouTube video.

If this news has you shaking in your rose hold boots, there is still some hope. Winget himself acknowledges that there have been reports about the iPhone 8 coming in five different colors, one of which could very well be rose gold. Winget also provides some other revelations about the iPhone 8 while showing off the alleged prototypes. He claims the new iPhone will be about the same size as the current iPhone 7 with a bigger display. He also claims the home button has been, as people have long suspected, removed from the front of the phone.

To see some of the other revelations, check out Winget's video. And hang tight: We're sure more iPhone 8 rumors are going to be on the way soon.