Mayor John Tory is pushing for a tax on marijuana to help cover the rising cost of legalization in Ontario. The Toronto leader reached out to Premier Kathleen Wynne this week and asked that a portion of future marijuana sales be implemented back into the province. Tory believes that this "pot tax" will help pick up extra costs associated with legal distribution.

In a letter addressed to Wynne on Monday, Tory made clear his support of legalization, but said that he still has significant concerns regarding its regulation and enforcement. This aforementioned note was shared online earlier today and sent out via the mayor's official Twitter account. You can read it in full below.

Earlier this March, it was confirmed that the Canadian government will finally allow recreational use of marijuana starting in July of next year. Following this announcement, provincial leaders in Ontario set forth a plan to sell the drug using a retail distribution model, which could be similar to that of the LCBO.  Mayor Tory says that this new development will be an added weight on "the shoulders of municipalities".

“Whatever decisions are made, I have no doubt the result will be increased costs for the city of Toronto," the mayor states in his letter to Wynne. "As a consequence, we would want to discuss with you what the magnitude of those costs might be and reach agreement with you on both increased public health funding and a dedicated share of increased provincial revenues attributable to the sale of marijuana.”

The proposed pot tax is not out of the ordinary, with similar tariffs in place throughout legalized terrorizes in the United States. This influx of cash has greatly benefited health programs, infrastructure, and law enforcement in places like Colorado.

Along with Tory's concerns, the Ontario government has also opened an online poll for residents to share their own thoughts. You can fill out that particular survey by following the link here.

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