Tea. It's a word that was born in the LGBTQ community, then subsequently hijacked by mainstream media for corporate pushes and advertisements. If you've been living on another planet and don't know what "tea" is, it can be generally described as information; more specifically, secret information that can potentially be used for someone's undoing. For a minute, you couldn't scan your Twitter timeline without seeing a Kermit-sipping-tea meme pop up any and every time something shady was afoot. If used effectively, spilled tea can lead to lost relationships, opportunities, or even jobs. But tea can also be spilled after a job is lost—literally.

In a series of videos posted over the weekend, a disgruntled former employee at a Taco Bell in Texas unleashes balls of fury in the form of sweet and unsweet tea dispensers. The multi-part saga starts abruptly with the former female employee asking the male worker behind the counter, "How old are you, little girl?" Immediately after, she chucks the contents of the tea container at the man. He then throws the whole ass container that was already behind the counter back at her, prompting her to throw the other dispenser in return.

The woman's son is with her in the restaurant and tries to get his mother to leave the scene, at the request of another employee who says the police are on their way. All the while, the man being targeted says, "Your mom's about to get knocked out!" The son is having none of that shit, and says he has a squad on the way, which apparently hypes up the male employee to the point that he lets out a string of insults in Spanish while simultaneously taking off his shirt. 

In the second clip, the woman and the male employee continue trading insults, until he addresses the woman's son, who becomes irate and starts throwing items at the man from behind the counter. It should be noted that a customer waits patiently at the drive-thru window during the entire exchange.

In the last clip, police finally arrive and the shirtless man explains he is the assistant manager of the restaurant and the woman was supposed to just be picking up her last check. The cops convince him to put his shirt back on and chill. He complies, and says the realest thing uttered throughout the entire debacle: "I don't fucking get paid enough for this shit, man." The clip ends with the woman and her son being handcuffed and escorted off the premises.

The moral of this story: don't spill tea you can't afford to clean up.