Hater, a dating app created in the same vein as Tinder, matches people based on things they mutually hate. After all, some of the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of mutual hatred, bolstered by complaining, whining, and general bitching. Thankfully, there’s an app for that, and the people behind Hater have now consolidated their data and come up with a map that shows what each state hates the most. The results are, well, interesting.

Hater Map
Image via Hater

Some states have more predictable hates than others. Connecticut hates winter, Hawaii hates people who take videos at concerts, and Illinois hates biting string cheese. And yeah, same! These are perfectly acceptable things to despise, and there is surely plenty of people who can relate.

But some states go extra hard. New Hampshire, for example, goes straight for the jugular and hates God. Delaware hates Casey Affleck, which is both fascinating and confusing. And D.C. hates the idea that everyone has a soulmate, which says a lot about the deep soul-crushing nature of politics.

But some of these states need to explain themselves. What have tapas ever done to North Dakota? Nevada’s number one hate, feminism, is probably the biggest self-own of the century. And there is definitely a story behind Mississippi’s top hate: anal sex.

The big question here is whether more wholesome haters, like Vermont’s waiting in line, or weirder haters, like Colorado’s feelings towards *NSYNC (seriously, who hurt you?), are better at finding love. Maybe the more specific the hate, the deeper the connection? Check out the map above to see what your state hates the most.