Be honest. More often than not, the strongest Taco Bell cravings creep up when you've reached peak drunkenness after watching a DJ embarrass himself at an A/C-free club by failing to play "Wild Thoughts" 47 times in a row. If you're smart, these nights usually end with you texting someone you probably shouldn't in the back of a Lyft that's definitely playing "Wild Thoughts" 47 times in a row.

In that spirit, we will all soon be able to enjoy the many benefits of the just-announced Taco Mode service. 

The new Lyft x Taco Bell partnership will give customers the option of hitting the drive-thru for, say, 8 bean burritos with no onions or cheese while on a Lyft ride. The in-app Taco Mode option, which includes a free Doritos Locos Taco when you're en route to your next Lyft destination, will first be tested from July 27-30 and Aug. 3-6 in Orange County, California between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Additional locations are expected by the end of this year, with a nationwide Taco Mode rollout set for 2018.


At the time of this writing, a few Instagram comments on the official Lyft page from people claiming to be drivers showcased an apparent lack of excitement about the Taco Bell partnership. "Your marketing people are out of touch with reality," one user wrote. "I mean who doesn't cherish the thought of 'pink slime' barf in the backseat of their car or losing out on a 400% Primetime ride while sitting in a Taco Hell drive-thru line for 15-20 minutes, making pennies in waiting time."

For the record, Taco Mode is an opt-in feature for drivers and is not required.