In a week marred by some pretty depressing crap, it’s truly important for us to take a moment today to consume some pure, unadulterated fluff. That’s why we’ve found the most mesmerizingly Canadian video on the internet and are about to bless you all with its awesomeness.

While the rest of the world trips over itself to get a glance of a shirtless, jogging Justin Trudeau, we felt the need to address a real Canadian hero this afternoon. Sure, there plenty of people worthy of this honour, but for today, we’re bestowing it upon one Sgt. Clayton Wilbern.

The aforementioned mountie was patrolling Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta this week, when he came across a large black bear. The animal was encroaching upon a nearby campsite and Wilbern decided to chase the bear back to the forest where it wouldn’t cause trouble.

Speaking with CBC, Wilburn said "[the bear] was heading towards a playground where there was a whole bunch of kids playing, so we tried to get it to go around the playground, which luckily we did”. The pursuit lasted much longer than Wilbern had anticipated, with the creature climbing nearby trees and lurking around bushes to avoid being corralled. Soon, a group of onlookers spotted the insanely Canadian moment and decided to do right by filming the entire incident so that we can have it forever and ever, amen.

The bear eventually left the zone in question, and Sgt. Wilbern promptly earned his place in the Canadian Hall of Fame. Footage of the incident was uploaded to YouTube by user, Damien G., so you can check out the Heritage Moment below in all of its glory.