Just in time for Independence Day, an unsettling incident in Florida (where else?) brings together two of America's most recognizable byproducts: guns and dicks. A Florida man accidentally shot himself square in the dick when he sat atop a loaded gun in his car, Fox 4 Now reported Sunday.

The man, identified by WALB News as 38-year-old Cedrick Jelks, made the unfortunate shot Friday morning while attempting to sit in the driver's seat of his Nissan Altima. Shaneika Roberts, 25, told Jacksonville cops that Jelks "ran into their home in a total panic" and headed straight to the restroom. After following him inside, Roberts noticed that Jelks had been shot in the penis and took him to the hospital, at which point he underwent surgery.

Jelks is a convicted felon, which means he could potentially face charges related to the possession of a firearm. In the meantime, Twitter is flabbergasted:

Amazingly, this isn't the first time someone has accidentally shot themselves in the dick while inside their own car. Back in May, an Ohio man shot his member while stepping out of his car. The bullet went through the man's penis and right thigh, WTOL News reported at the time.