James Taylor and his wife were paddleboarding in Melkbosstrand​, South Africa recently when a giant squid latched itself onto his board. Taylor was incredibly calm throughout the entire encounter while his wife was able to find humor in the situation. Let me be the first to say: Nope—and nope.

His reserved demeanor throughout the situation had to be the result of spending years in the water and running into a variety of creatures from the sea, because that wouldn't have been everyone's reaction.

*Looks in mirror*

As it turns out, the squid was injured and grabbing onto the paddleboard as a last-ditch effort to find a safe spot to recover. Hopefully, we're in a safe space here because, admittedly, the more common reaction to the scenario would have probably been something along the lines of either trying to find a way to get the hell out of there or trying to strike the squid in order to buy some time to get the hell out of here. But since not all heroes wear capes, James actually looked into the matter and tried lending a helping hand to the squid by lowering a rope to help get it closer to the beach and away from any possible threats, like a swarming shark. 

Even though there are people out there being critical of how Taylor handled the encounter, let's give him a hand for actually trying to do something. Not all of us would have been so courageous.