Another day, another meme explainer. To put it bluntly, the floor is this article about the "the floor is" meme that's currently providing digital catharsis to millions of people via the wonders of a well-placed metaphor.

The meme, according to a Know Your Meme entry published earlier this month, originated with the tweet above from @princessofwifi. Though the April tweet doesn't use the "the floor is" set-up, the meme quickly started taking shape in subsequent weeks:

The concept is loosely based on the seemingly ancient kids game in which participants imagine that any given floor is, in fact, not a floor at all. Instead, the floor is hot lava, and thus to stay out of danger, they have to avoid it.

Now, largely lava-free versions of the meme are getting coverage on Teen Vogue and fresh interpolations from prominent social media influencers such as former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello. In place of lava, prospective meme makers are expected to substitute literally anything they want to avoid (or, in some cases, are not able to reach despite their best efforts).

For example, the floor is all of these things:

Honestly, what isn't the floor?