Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, is feeling the wrath of Rihanna fans thanks to footage from Thursday's NBA Finals Game 1. In a widely tweeted clip from the the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers game, Cue is seen yelling at a fellow attendee:

Many thought Cue was yelling at Rihanna:

Cue, however, said he was talking to someone else. "Nothing but love for Rihanna (and KD, too!)," Cue said in a tweet to ESPN's @Andreamas05 Friday. "As usual I was excited about our lead and actually talking to Marissa, 8 seats to my right."

Still, the backlash from Rihanna fans continues. Some have even asked for a fresh apology from Cue including free Apple Music memberships and Anti promo:

In related news, the person who yelled "brick!" at Kevin Durant during Thursday's game has been confirmed as definitely not Rihanna.