A man in the Midwest has reminded the world that honesty is the best policy.

After what sounds like a night of partying, a Wausau, Wisconsin driver decided he wasn’t in the right state of mind to get behind the wheel, so he made the responsible choice to walk home and leave his car at a meter. He knew there was a risk of getting a ticket, so the man left a note on his windshield asking parking patrol officers for mercy.

“Please take pity on me. I walked home…safe choices =),” the note read.

Well, it turns out his responsible choices and honesty paid off.

According to CBS News, Officer Jim Hellrood came across the note while patrolling the downtown meters. Though he could’ve easily given the unidentified driver a $5 fine, he decided to issue a warning instead. The Wausau Police Department shared the story on their official Facebook page, writing: “Parking Control Officer Jim Hellrood can appreciate people making safe choices, and a good sense of humor. That's why he recently issued a warning to a vehicle left in a metered lot overnight. Thanks to this resident for sharing!”

The post has been liked about 2,500 times, and have been plenty of positive comments, with many Facebook users praising the police department for the decision.

“[This driver] realized it may not have been a safe choice and risked a citation rather than risk their own safety," Lt. Cord Buckner told CBS News. "We certainly applaud that decision to not drive […] We're pleased people follow what we do and take an interest and understand the decision. But if you are planning on drinking avoid driving all together."

Keep this in mind the next time you turn up.