2007 - present

Since her release, Homolka married her lawyer’s brother Thierry Bordelais, gave birth to three children—two boys and a girl—and relocated to Guadaloupe so her kids could lead “a more normal life.” She also legally changed her name to Leanne Teale.

It was during the 2014 first degree murder trial of Luka Magnotta that it was revealed that Karla Homolka was living in Quebec again. In 2010, The Vancouver Sun reported that Homolka would be eligible to seek pardon for her crimes. Later that year, an agreement was reached between all federal parties to pass a bill that would prevent notorious offenders like Karla Homolka from obtaining a pardon.

In April 2016, a school board south of Montreal reassures parents after reports begin to circulate in the Canadian press that Karla Homolka and her family are living in the community. In May 2017, reports began to surface that Homolka had been spotted several times at the private Christian school her children attend in Montreal. She has reportedly visited classrooms as a volunteer, which has led several parents to approach school administrators with their concerns.