Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has continued his streak of breaking the Internet with a recent video emerging of him giving the “biggest, squeeziest hug,” to Gary the Unicorn. In this minute and thirty-one-second video, Trudeau meets the CBC Kids puppet character in his office, then proceeds to join Gary’s ‘hug club.’

Gary the Unicorn’s excitement is easily recognizable through his panting and even tells Trudeau: “I am never going to wash my sweater again!” But Gary is not the only one excited as Twitter and other social media has been blowing up with demands for hugs by the Canadian Prime Minister as well.

Of course, Gary the Unicorn is not one to turn down a hug, having created a large children’s following through offering hugs to anyone to asks. The CBC Kids star is also no stranger to celebrity hugs, having recently hugged Canadian author Margaret Atwood, adding her to his list of hug club members.