You don't really hear too much about the mob anymore, which is probably how the mob likes it. But that briefly changed on Wednesday when 19 alleged gangsters associated with the infamous Luchesse family were netted in a federal bust in the early morning hours.

The charges that instigated the arrests include: wire fraud, racketeering, gambling, possession of a weapon, narcotics, and even murder. According to NBC, the arrests include street boss Matthew Madonna, underboss Stephen Crea Sr., four capos (see: captains, who are pretty high up the ladder), five soldiers and eight "associates."

And while that would seem to be pretty big news in and of itself (especially in New York, where the arrests occurred) it's worth noting that the suspects actually have nicknames that are pretty entertaining, at least for a crew of guys accused of engaging in a 17-year string of extorting, money laundering, and murdering informants. Here, from the official indictment, we can see monikers such as "Joey Glasses," "Jimmy the Jew," and "Paulie Roast Beef":

It's like something out of the screenplay of an idealistic SoCal writer/waiter. It's actually kind of charming when you think about it. Oh, and also all but two of those arrested are facing up to life in prison.