In light of Donald Trump's "covfefe" tweet which garnered over 9,000 searches of the mystery word on Pornhub, the site found out which word is the most commonly misspelled in each U.S. state.

But let's be real, in the "heat of the moment," you can't be held accountable for your misspellings. For example, you're someone from Mississippi who is frantically tapping your keyboard in search of some amateur porn, but you end up typing "anature." Or maybe, you wanted to look up anal and then auto-correct comes through with the wild adjustment. Look, we're not here to judge. 

Looking at this map, you can't help but feel bad for people in Ohio and Nevada, who somehow manage to spell "MILF" as "MIFL." Maybe they think the word is an acronym for "Mom I Fucking Love," instead of, well, you know.

Now, can we talk about all the states that are misspelling "porn"? There are 16 states in total that have this problem. How do you mess this up when you have the cheat codes at the top of the screen? The word is literally in Pornhub's name! 

In completely unrelated news, searches for "fidget spinner" on Pornhub eclipsed two million last month. The gadget became the fifth most popular overall search in the month of May, even though it's a little difficult to comprehend what people are getting out of these types of videos. Hey, guess we will just have to use our imagination.