What is it with Toronto and iconic animal mascots? First we were blessed with the IKEA Monkey, then came the candy-stealing squirrels, and now we have a delightfully chill airport raccoon. The city’s newest star was spotted this past Sunday, hanging from the ceiling at Pearson International Airport. You'd expect the cub, being in one of Toronto’s busiest spots, to be somewhat spooked by the entire situation. Of course by this point, you should know that “being spooked” is not how Airport Raccoon rolls. For the record, this author is adorning the animal with the formal title of, “Airport Raccoon”, as to distinguish the critter from any future copycats.

Since this is indeed Toronto, the city where everyone is obnoxiously friendly, our scrappy hero intended to greet every new arrival with its furry little head. Naturally, everyone stood in awe while the creature unknowingly transformed into an overnight sensation. The entire incident was recorded and shared on the internet, where it was promptly declared the “most Toronto thing of the day”. Despite the raccoon’s newfound celebrity, animal services were quick to release the scamp back into its natural habitat, where it will then venture to the closest garbage can or compost bin. Thankfully, airport personnel used Twitter to inform everyone that the animal was unharmed and that the transfer went down smoothly.

While we await the return of our one true hero, let’s take a moment to replay the amazing footage in all of its glory. And while we’re at it, why not immortalize the whole ordeal as a Heritage Minute?