It's May, so prom szn is in full effect. We know this because not that long ago, promposal szn was in full effect, and we got tired of all of the "viral" clips going by (although props to the kid who staged a drug bust to get his lady). This latest clip, though? Pure insanity, and up there with the GOAT prom entrances.

Megan Flaherty, a 17-year-old student who lives in New Jersey who has dreams of becoming a funeral director, decided to get on her Undertaker shit and roll up to the junior prom in a hearse... chilling in a coffin.

This is macabre af, but also pretty damn amazing. Think about it: this is something she could get clowned for for the rest of her high school existence, so props to her for being this confident in her entrance.

One small qualm, though. And don't kill me for it (no pun intended). But am I the only person who was kind of disappointed in her coffin not having a lid on it? I'm 100 percent here for you showing up and showing out in this coffin, but if you're gonna go there, go all the way. Right? Just cut a hole in the top of the coffin lid or something.

No? Did I take this too far? I'll go somewhere.