An Amtrak train headed to Washington D.C. from New York on Sunday experienced a lengthy delay due to a loss of power and "severe engine problems," according to Buzzfeed News legal editor Chris Geidner. As everyone on Amtrak 161 waited on the tracks in the middle of nowhere for a rescue train to arrive, the passengers started getting hungry. That's when Mitch Katz, co-creator of CA Wealth Management, stepped into action by ordering food, and proving that not all heroes wear capes.

Of course, Katz would have never been able to make this happen without the co-MVP of this story, the delivery guy, who trekked down a hill to bring the food to the people. 

In the midst of everything going on, Katz also wanted to give a shoutout to Dom's Pizza for providing a much needed assist in these passengers' time of need.

Since it was also Mother's Day, passengers had to do a little improvising to celebrate the day. 

A little more than seven hours after departing, everyone finally made it home. 

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