Australians are more than used to getting shafted by Adobe. In 2013, they were charging $4,334 for the CS6 Master Collection, compared to the $2,599 that Americans were paying. found that it would be cheaper to take a Virgin Australia flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, buy the CS6 pack there, and then fly home (with $587 to spare). After being dragged by the Australian Parliament, the company lowered the annual subscription costs of its Creative Cloud so that they matched those of the US.

That sweet deal lasted just over three years. This morning, Australian Adobe users received an email that announced the software company’s plans to implement price hikes across their Creative Cloud subscriptions. The discounted plan for students and teachers currently costs $18.69 a month. It will increase to $43.99 inc. GST on 5 June 2017. That’s a 135% price hike.

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