Formerly General Manager of Marley Natural, the cannabis and lifestyle brand based on Bob Marley’s legacy, Rehmatullah now works as a consultant by helping cannabis entrepreneurs and early stage venture leaders bring their ideas to life.

“I am particularly interested in assisting female leaders further develop in the cannabis industry, increasing diversity throughout organizations, and advancing social impact initiatives,” she says. Although cannabis wasn’t yet on her radar when she arrived at Yale School of Management, Rehmatullah became drawn to the industry after watching her grandfather’s battle with cancer: “I learned more about cannabis as a treatment for many illnesses and its history, but found myself frustrated that the plant wasn't readily available for those suffering.” By using her management expertise to help others turn their passion for cannabis into a sustainable business, Rehmatullah says, “As more people around the world learn about the plant and its many benefits, there's even more support to further develop in every area. We are charting our own path, which can be terrifying at times, but incredibly exciting. I can say with certainty that I've never gotten bored. Overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, perhaps—but never bored.”