Childhood best friends Cindy and Leone co-founded Treat Yourself, a wellness company featuring female-friendly cannabis products as magical as medicated pop tarts (they even have a gluten-free option). They launched the company in 2014, explaining that their mission stemmed from interests in health and wellness.

“We were both involved in health and wellness at the time, and we noticed that there weren't any edible products available that were healthy enough to be considered medicine. We felt passionate about the healing power of cannabis and of food, so we wanted to create a brand that combined the two. We also wanted to give a voice to women who consume cannabis, and to encourage women to speak freely and openly about the reasons they use cannabis.” Along with such guilt-free yet delicious treats like coconut-banana cakes, Treat Yourself provides soothing and handcrafted topicals (did you know cannabis is also an excellent addition to your beauty regime)?