A combined force of 150 law enforcement officials spanning local, state, and federal agencies are currently on the search for 32-year-old fugitive Joseph Jakubowski.

Jakubowski allegedly stole at least 16 "high end" guns from a Janesville, Wisconsin gun shop last week possibly in preparation for some sort of attack. At this point he's been on the run for six days. As if a heavily armed fugitive wasn't enough of a headache for authorities, Jakubowski also allegedly mailed a 161-page "anti-government, anti-religious" manifesto to Donald Trump.

"I can tell you that we don’t know where Mr. Jakubowski is," said Janesville's police chief, David Moore, at a press conference last week. "He could be around Janesville. He could be around Rock County. He may not even be in Wisconsin."

According to Rock County's sheriff Robert Spoden, Jakubowski had been "agitated by national politics." His rant is said to include "grievances against government and personal angst towards anyone or anything other than natural law or rule." Video of Jakubowski mailing the manifesto can be seen here.

"It’s really a long, laundry list of injustices that he believes the government and society and the upper class have put forward on the rest of the citizens," Spoden said. "So there’s really nothing specific where he’s saying, ‘I was wronged in this way’ or ‘I was wronged in that way.’ It’s just an overview that he feels that the government, and law enforcement in particular, are acting as terrorists and are enslaving the people and creating this environment that he finds unacceptable."

Jakubowski is believed to be the sole perpetrator of a gun store robbery that went down at 8:40 p.m. last Tuesday. Surveillance video of that robbery shows a man busting glass on a front door window to enter. About half an hour after that occurred, Jakubowski's vehicle was reportedly found set on fire near the scene. He was nowhere to be found.

According to a friend, Jakubowski previously talked about a plan to steal weapons and use them in an attack against a school or against public officials. In addition to all the guns he now has, police learned that he acquired a helmet and bulletproof vest. The FBI will pony up a $10,000 reward for info that leads to his arrest. Though, as you probably already gathered, authorities described him as "highly dangerous."

Local authorities also added that they've had past run-ins with Jakubowski, including an incident where he tried to steal an officer's gun. But authorities say they had never witnessed this "anti-government or terrorist-type" behavior before.