A teenager from North Carolina found the most hilarious way to deal with a creepy request for nudes. BuzzFeed reports Jacquie Ross, 16, had just gotten out of the shower when she texted her friend on the prom committee about outfits. Jacquie explained that she couldn't show off her outfit at the moment, and when her friend Michael saw her bare shoulders, he asked for nudes:

teen towel nudes 1

teen towel nudes 3

Things could have easily ended there, but Michael decided he wanted to press his luck. Not thrown off by the towel, he tried to get Jacquie to show off what was underneath. She wasn't having it:

teen towel nudes 4

Once he made it clear he wasn't letting up, Jacquie decided to keep the joke going, with layer after layer of towels appearing under the original red one:

teen towel nudes 5

teen towel nudes 6

teen towel nudes 7

And just when Michael thought he had broken through to the other side, Jacquie had another trick up her sleeve. 

teen towel nudes 8


teen towel nudes 9

There are a couple of lessons to take away from this. The obvious one is respect for boundaries. That's a pretty good rule to follow across the board. The other takeaway? Prepare to get dragged on the internet if you're not smart or kind enough to take the first hint someone gives you to show their lack of interest.