No matter how old you get, breakups aren't a fun experience. The only thing that tends to improve about calling it quits with a significant other is your tact, which (hopefully) allows you to avoid messy splits as an adult.

A teenager from Colorado is getting a crash course on what not to do when breaking up with someone. He called it off with his girlfriend, Maria, shortly before they were about to attend prom together, and he asked for the money back he'd given her to pay for prom-related expenses. Maria eventually found out he was planning on going to another prom with someone else, and held a brainstorming session with friends on how she could get back at him.

She eventually decided to return all $95 she "owed" him for prom, with a catch: Maria gave it all back in the form of jarred pennies, and shared the steps of the process on Twitter:

Her post quickly went viral, winning over fans and prompting people to declare her the clear winner in the split:

Not everyone was so quick to heap praise on Maria. As a few savvy Twitter users were quick to point out, she ended up paying him either way, even if the form of payment was a bit unorthodox:

Maria's ex took a picture of his own, and he initially laughed about the whole ordeal in the caption. "When you break up with your crazy ass ex and she swears she pissed you off but really she just made you laugh 😂 I can't wait for prom 2k17." Supporters of Maria's must have gotten to him, however, because the Tweet has since been deleted and his account is now protected.

Things appear to have ended better for Maria than they have for Jaylen. A guy friend of hers asked her out shortly after the breakup, so now she has a prom date and a viral story to laugh about with friends. 

Let this be a lesson for all the teenaged dudes out there who think they're slick enough to jump from one girlfriend to the next during prom season. He may have gotten the $95 back, but being the subject of scorn at your school and around social media probably wasn't worth it. Next time, just eat the party bus fees and keep it moving.