Police operating a drug raid at a house in Kalgoorlie have, both literally and figuratively, struck gold. A seizure of meth, cannabis, MDMA, cash and weapons would have probably been enough for the cops to call it a day. Of course, seizing 1000 kilograms of ore containing gold is also a pretty sweet bonus.

Don’t get too excited though, these aren’t the delicious golden nuggets that the Eureka stockade was fighting for, as it turns out one tonne of gold-bearing ore can often usually only contain 1 – 2 grams of gold, resulting in a value of about $50 USD. Police say the gold was found in almost 20 tubs filled with water, alongside equipment suggesting the residents were planning to pan for the precious metal.

We can only hope that this wasn’t a serious attempt at making big bucks, and more of a response to the resident’s parents never taking them to Sovereign Hill when they were younger. If not, then the realisation that they had spent hours panning for gold only to make just under a single pineapple is pretty damn funny. 

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