Starting next week, McDonald's will begin phasing out the classic Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.

Earlier this week, an internal memo appeared on Reddit, explaining that the famous orange drink will make way for Sprite TropicBerry, as part of their new partnership with Coca-Cola.

This is a photo of McDonald's
Image via Twitter


The imminent removal of the glorious orange drink from the menu has people in their feelings on Twitter, and rightfully so. We thought our relationship with Hi-C Orange was going so well, then the drink packs up it stuff and leaves just like that with no warning? Sure, our relationship wasn't perfect but which one is?

Now people are doing anything and everything they can to get McDonald's to reconsider, which includes starting a petition

Starting in May, it's going to be difficult to welcome Sprite TropicBerry, let alone any other drink, into our hearts. So we would greatly appreciate it if you could respect our privacy during this difficult time.