Let this be your daily reminder to clean your hat, your pockets, etc., if you're going into a courtroom.

Lemar Reed is a 39-year-old Ohio man who stopped by Cleveland's Lorain Municipal Court last week to enter a plea on a minor traffic violation. While he was speaking to the judge, he accidentally dropped a packet of what turned out to be cocaine on the courthouse floor.

Here, watch for yourself:

Without a slow-mo replay and arrow to point it out, court officials didn't notice the coke for about an hour. However, eventually, a security guard picked it up and handed it to the police department to be tested. After a positive test, court officials watched the footage and saw what you just saw if you clicked 'play' on the video above. Of course, afterward they put out a warrant for Reed's arrest.

Reed, who initially left the building with just a fine, was apprehended and is now being charged with a felony.